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Nzi Dada ( indoor ) by Xumo Nunjo

Nzi Dada is a collaboration between bass player Jim Parris (CARMEL) and Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist Xumo Nounjio. The music is the fruits of a creative collision between Bantu rituals and African rhythms with contemporary jazz and electronic techniques. Their richly layered performance defies categorisation but with its improvisational feel, ceremonial influences, video and sculptural features and fiercely percussive style, a performance by Nzi Dada is very much more than just a gig.

Featuring Jim Parris (Double Bass) Xumo Nounjio (voice/perciussion) and Christophe V (percussion)


concierto multilingüistico



miércoles 29 de Mayo, XUMO NUNJO & Afrometabolismo Sound

XUMO NUNJO &  Afrometabolismo Sound

miércoles 29 de Mayo: XUMO NUNJO & Afrometabolismo Sound